Learn how to overcome your nerves to be more visible & dynamic

Focusing on:

Being clear – being able to convey what you want/think/need

Being confident – having a positive impact in challenging situations

Being courageous – speaking up and getting yourself seen and heard.

The workshop is run in a private Facebook group. There will be 3 sessions every Friday lasting an hour. After each session we will set you ongoing mini challenges. You will get support from us as well as being able to share your experiences and successes with your fellow group members. It is not a big time commitment, but we promise you will learn a lot over the course of three weeks.

Over the course of three sessions we’ll give you practical tips and techniques that you can use in any situation. We will cover:

• Managing nerves and anxiety

• Creating a positive mindset

• Finding gravitas – vocally & physically

• Articulating your message simply and clearly

• Having opportunities to practice new techniques

• Becoming part of a network of women who offer continuing support

For 3 weeks every Friday from 12.30-2.00

over Zoom 

3rd November 2023
10th November 2023
17th November 2023
Cost: £295 + VAT

You have to do a presentation – have you ever thought…

“God I hate presenting, I’m rubbish at it”
Do you spend hours writing a script only to lose your way once you stand up in front of people?
“I’m paralysed with nerves, how can I get out of it?

And when you are presenting, you are saying to yourself…

“I’m boring them…I’m rambling….have I said that already?”

Would you like to get better at it? Of course you would!

Maybe you know you need to develop these skills but don’t know where
to turn – never fear Topbird is here.

Did you know the three biggest fears for human beings are death,
rejection humiliation? The reality is people might not like it, you might look a bit silly, but you are not going to die! Don’t let these fears hold you back. We can help you to:

• Tell your story – take your audience on a journey
• Channel your nerves into positive energy
• Develop your natural vocal power
• Prepare differently so you feel confident
• Learn rehearsal techniques so you talk to your audience, not to the
• Leave people inspired by what you have to say
• Feel confident and excited at the prospect of your next

Christie & Katherine have over 20 years’ experience teaching
presentation skills and will give you a practical guide on how to feel
clear, confident & courageous when you step into the spotlight.

Here is what previous clients have said about working with us:

“Really made me think about how I could stretch myself and think differently about presenting in different settings”
“I gained great new strategies for reducing my nerves”
“Thank you so much for such a great session. I learnt so much and already feel better about the next Board Meeting and I never
thought I would say that!”

Personal Impact

Now we have run our surgeries and the pilot of our programme – Women at Work Toolkit, we are offering a free one hour personal impact masterclass at 1pm on 16th December.

This will give you a taste of what it is like to work with us. Here is what some of the participants said about the pilot: 

“ It was really fantastic to meet other women who were facing similar challenges”
“I loved how approachable you two were”
“ The content and the tips were great and the fact that we practiced them, meant I could use them at work straight away”

What’s not to like? 


Have you ever sat through a presentation and thought:

“This is half an hour of my life I won't get back?”
“What am I going to cook for dinner”
“ Please make it stop!!”

When was the last time you came away excited and inspired by what you heard?

We want to “get it right”, be accurate, and dare we say it…….fit in.

What if you could be all those things AND tell a compelling story at the same time?

Come to our one hour workshop and get a taste of how storytelling can transform your work presentation and help you stand out.


New dates coming soon


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Got a big presentation coming up? Or an interview? Or perhaps you need to assert yourself at work? Or you just need support in your career?

Katherine & Christie have bags of experience of coaching people 1:1 – we can tailor the content depending on your need.  We can help you focus and clarify your thoughts, practice and get supportive and useful feedback to feel confident and clear in whatever challenging situation you may face.

121 can be one 90 minute session or ongoing support, drop us an email to find out how we might help.

Send us an email to talk.