Welcome to Topbird Coaching

Topbird Coaching is a training and coaching business that supports women to become clear, confident and courageous.

Women of
the World

You’ve worked hard to get where you are

Is this you?

I hate presenting, I’m no good at it.

I’m ambitious but I prefer to keep my head down and let my work speak for itself.

I sit in meetings afraid to speak up, people talk over me, so I say nothing.

Learn how to overcome your nerves to be more visible & dynamic

We'll teach you all the important stuff: presentation skills, interview technique, making an impact in meetings and difficult conversations in our practical, supportive masterclasses.

About us


We are Katherine Grice and Christie Jennings and we are personal impact coaches who use techniques from the theatre to teach effective communication and empower women to achieve their goals. 

 We have over 30 years experience helping talented women be at their best in any challenging situation. 

Work with us to gain...


Feel sure of yourself, get ready to go


Stop waffling, get your message across


Be brave, step up, get noticed

No matter what the pressure is,
we will help you to manage your:


Stop self limiting thoughts
Create a positive mindset
Have the courage to take on new challenges


Eliminate physical tension
Relearn how to breathe well
Channel your adrenaline


Slow down the pace, more vocal power
Pitch your voice to present confidence & gravitas
Use storytelling to bring your message to life

If you struggle with this, what are you waiting for?